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The pistol the Colt the Battalion commander the Commander / Colt Combat Commander has been developed in 1970. This compact weapon with the truncated trunk. The pistol the Colt the Battalion commander the Commander is intended for arms of command structure of army of the USA. With a pistol the Colt the Battalion commander the Commander in 1970 there is begun manufacture of pistols the Colt of the series 70, different by a design of the plug keeping part of a trunk in a shutter that has improved accuracy of shooting from the weapon. The with great dispatch-trigger mechanism of unary action with an open cock.

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Soon after the Second World War the government of the United States has started to sponsor a number of tests for search of replacement of old army pistol Colt M1911A1. One of the key requirements dictated at this time, was restriction on length - no more than 178 mm, and on weight - till 709 Military men wanted to receive an easy and compact pistol for officers. Tests were spent in Aberdeen Proving Ground, just as in forte Benning, Georgia. The pistols presented at that time were Smith and Wesson M39, Colt Commander, modified FN High Power the English version and pistol T3. All of them shot cartridges 9mm Parabellum. The Most important difference new Colt Commander, offered in the end of 1949, from the full-size prototype the smaller became long a casing-shutter and, accordingly, a trunk. The cock which has received instead of a spoke a round head became other difference Commander. From everything participating in tests of pistols, any hasn't been selected for armed forces. However the company has made wise decision to deduce the Colt model Commander on the civil market. It was made in several calibres and used cartridges 9mm Parabellum.45 ACP and.38 Super. To 1970 Commander was issued with a frame from an easy alloy which was called . For the first time the weapon manufacturer used an alloy on the basis of aluminum for manufacturing of frames of serially issued large-caliber pistols. As for the first time, the company the Colt has developed an autoloading pistol specially under 9 mm a cartridge, and not just under standard army.45 ACP. Pistol Colt Commander was issued with 1951 for 1969 In 1970 there has been begun release completely the steel version under name Combat Commander, made in two variants - from the alloyed and corrosion-proof steels. Since same year Commander with a frame from an alloy has received designation Lightweight Commander. Till now the company the Colt continues to make compact models on the basis of Commander. It is classical Colt 1911 Commander, and as new

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